What I stand for and why

I wasn't your typical MP, and won't be in future

Caroline Lucas is the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion.  She was elected as the UK's first Green Member of Parliament in 2010.

I may not 'fit in' with the grey suits of Westminster. 

But I know that being there matters.

It matters because the vast majority of people I speak to in Brighton have had enough of the way politics is going in our country.

It matters because the real opposition to this Government is not coming from Labour – it's coming from the Green Party.

When I've stood up in parliament, I’m not tied to vested interests or the party line. I am free to stand up for you, for Brighton and for what I believe in. 

I’m standing for:

  • Our NHS, our schools, our railways and other public services in public hands
  • A fair and resilient local economy that puts people and local jobs first
  • Better quality, affordable, secure housing that meets local demand
  • Affordable energy, radical action to tackle climate change, protecting our way of life

In 2010, Brighton Pavilion showed that a different kind of politics is possible. That you can stand firm by your principles and still be elected and in re-electing me in 2015, 2017 and 2019, Brighton made history again. I couldn't be more proud to be an MP of this wonderful city. I'm completely honoured to represent it.