“We're going to have to live with the consequences of this decision for decades to come, and it will affect young people most of all."

But we're being let down by a Tory government that's driven through the hardest of Brexits and seems determined to cut ties with our European friends and neighbours. 

I believe that:

  • An extreme Brexit is a disaster for Britain
  • Brexit is being used to trash environmental protections and workers' rights

Opposing Tory plans

I am totally opposed to the Tories' Brexit agenda. I voted against the Government's damaging deal and I campaigned to protect EU citizens who've built their lives here, workers' rights, freedom of movement, animals and environmental protections.

In Parliament, I've consistently called for environmental protections and those on workers' rights to be maintained or enhanced, tabling or supporting amendments to the Environment Bill, the Trade Bill and other legislation.

Working to address the causes of Brexit

Many people were right to use the 2016 referendum to give the establishment a kicking - because the status quo is intolerable for far too many.  People wanted to "take back control" in their own lives and communities, but the Tory government will not deliver this. Its centralising, power-grabbing instincts are undiminished.

We need democratic reforms to empower communities and find shared solutions to issues such as inequality, austerity and deindustrialisation.