Dear Govia and Network Rail,

I am writing to you about the ongoing problems at Preston Park Station in Brighton and at London Bridge.

Earlier this week, services already restricted by engineering work, were delayed and diverted by seven separate signal failures on lines throughout the South East and London. Whilst I understand that the derailment of a train may be unpredictable, consistent signal failures and delays in service provision are leaving commuters angry, let down and frustrated. It simply isn't good enough - especially when rail ticket prices continue to rocket.

It is clear that the ongoing work at London Bridge, and along the Brighton mainline, is occurring at the expense of commuters. Passengers need to be prioritised at all times to ensure that they are kept informed of changes in service provision, that their journeys are made with minimal disruption and that they are aware of any compensation that they are entitled to. They also need to be able to trust that every effort is being made to make the trains run on time - and that when things go wrong they will be kept properly informed.

I would also urge you, once again, to improve the delay/repay compensation scheme to ensure that customers are adequately refunded for consistent delays and poor service provision.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this matter.

Best wishes,

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