The coronavirus is having a huge impact around the world.  In our country, it's led to measures which none of us imagined we would ever see, including orders for people to self-isolate, real concerns over the ability of our public services to cope, major impacts on local businesses, and emergency legislation.

As your MP, I am taking action in 3 main ways:

Holding the Government and the health authorities to account

I continue to question Government ministers about their response to the pandemic. I am in touch with NHS leaders to try to ensure they have all they need and with healthcare workers who are on the frontline and require our support as a priority.

Economic impact for our city

Brighton and Hove’s economy is particularly reliant on sectors like tourism and hospitality, which have been severely affected by the pandemic. I am working with businesses and local industry representatives to ensure Ministers know what is needed to protect the city’s economy, jobs and so many people’s livelihoods

Individual support and community resilience

The community reaction in Brighton and Hove has been brilliant.  I will post updates about what's happening locally to help those who need support and deal with case work that gets raised with me.

I also continue to speak out about some of the wider factors associated with this crisis, including years of underinvestment in our public services and how the pandemic has exposed the pressing need for a very different economic model and set of priorities.