Letter to the Prime Minister about Alaa Abdelfattah

The Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP

May 7 2023


Dear Prime Minister,


It is now six months since you met with President Al-Sisi in Egypt at COP27.  At that time you confirmed publicly that you had spoken to the President about Alaa Abdelfattah, a British/Egyptian citizen and one of Egypt’s leading democracy and human rights defenders.


I am writing to ask what progress has been made in Alaa’s case since then.  As you know, he has spent most of the past decade in arbitrary detention and continues to languish in an Egyptian prison simply for speaking up for democracy and human rights.  During COP27, when he was on full hunger strike, Alaa nearly died.   I am very concerned about his physical health and mental wellbeing, and that Alaa is still being prevented from getting consular visits.


I am asking you to use the leverage that the UK has with Egypt through our bilateral relationship and for you to personally call for Alaa’s immediate and unconditional release. In the meantime, I am urging you to ensure that he has consular visits.


Yours sincerely, 

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