Caroline: Network of tax havens must be shut down

Caroline has slammed the Government's 'shady response' to the Panama tax scandal and is demanding that the network of tax havens linked to Britain is shut down.

Caroline called on David Cameron to come to Parliament on Monday to speak 'entirely honestly' with the British public.  

She said:

“The Government’s shady response to these revelations has been utterly unacceptable. David Cameron should have been straight with the public but instead he’s dragged out this affair and attempted to avoid admitting that he profited from the sale of shares in an offshore fund.

“It’s now time for the network of destructive tax havens – many of which are closely linked to Britain – to be shut down. The Government must immediately force full transparency - insisting that every British territory demand the identification and publication of the beneficial ownership of all companies on their registers.

“There is simply no excuse for a continued halfhearted approach to tax avoidance. It sucks resources from our economy – and further entrenches the divide between the haves and the have-nots. David Cameron must now come to Parliament on Monday and be entirely honest with the British Public – any further evasion of the truth over this issue will only add to a growing sense that this Government simply can’t be trusted to take tax avoidance seriously.”


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