Caroline pressures Prime Minister on need for People's Vote

Following her meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss Brexit this morning, Green Party MP Caroline Lucas said:


"I’ve just come out of Downing Street having had a robust discussion with the Prime Minister.
"I urged her to take no deal off the table and stop using it to blackmail MPs. It would be a catastrophe for the country and no responsible government should even contemplate it.
"I raised the rights of the three million EU citizens who've made their homes here and British people living in Europe, and the Prime Minister agreed to do more to reassure people whose lives have been turned upside down by Brexit. I got an update on the situation with those countries which have yet to guarantee citizens' rights in the event of no deal. 
"I pressured Theresa May hard on the need for a People's Vote. One of her main concerns is about how it looks if Parliament is unable to deliver on the result of the referendum.  

"I’ve been talking and listening to people across the country and can assure her that Parliament is already considered to have failed - and the way to start bringing our society back together is with more democracy.
"We also touched on the role of Citizens' Assemblies as part of the solution to the gridlock in Westminster and I’ve agreed to send her more information.
"But sadly these talks are coming far too late and there is no sign the Prime Minister is genuinely willing to compromise."

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