Celebrating social enterprises with a visit to Sew Fabulous

Tomorrow, 15th October, is Social Saturday 2016. A day to celebrate and raise awareness of social enterprises.

Unlike other business models, social enterprises reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community; typically providing services that tackle social problems or environmental challenges.

I went along to Sew Fabulous, a social enterprise running sewing workshops at the Open Market on London Road. They were running one of their workshops when I dropped in, so I was able to speak to some of those who’ve benefitted from the 6 week funded course.

Surrounded by jars of buttons, boxes of zips, and pin-cushions, those on the course were busy patching trousers for their children, taking in clothes from charity shops, and making gifts for friends.

I’m not known for my sewing skills and haven’t tried sewing anything more ambitious than hems and patches for over 40 years! Yet I found myself behind a sewing machine giving it a try. It was fun, and Susie and Sue who run the course were very kind about my efforts.

Sew Fabulous have their mission statement proudly displayed on the wall of their studio. Their vision is to provide accessible, fun and useful learning to all; regardless of financial position or social status.

One of their aims is also to encourage reuse and recycling, something learning sewing skills so brilliantly offers.

There are more than 70,000 social enterprises in the UK, and many truly amazing examples in Brighton and Hove.

The Social Saturday initiative is a great way to champion the brilliant work social enterprises are doing, and shout about the value they bring to our communities.

More information on the sewing workshops Sew Fabulous run can be found online here.

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