Ramadan Mubarak to all who celebrate in Brighton, the UK and beyond. It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Westminster, here is an update of some of the things I’ve been focused on.


Gaza Humanitarian Crisis

I have received an unprecedented volume of messages of concern about the horrifying humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I am trying to get back to everyone as quickly and fully as I can and appreciate your patience and understanding. I am proud my Party unequivocally backs an immediate ceasefire and that I was one of the first MPs to call for this clearly in Parliament – no delays, dithering or sophistry. We also need to see the immediate and unconditional release of hostages. Each day is critical given the ongoing loss of life, injury, risk of starvation and lack of basic things like water and shelter. I will keep doing all I can on your behalf to press the UK Government to use its influence on the Israeli authorities and do the right thing for peace.


Budget 2024

Last week, the Chancellor delivered a Budget which completely let the people of Brighton down. There was no new investment in councils, schools, homes or hospitals. It was sadly yet another lost opportunity to tackle both the cost of living and climate crises. You can read my statement on its impact on our city here, or my piece in the Metro on the Chancellor’s unforgiveable failure to mention climate change even once in his final Budget here.


Dangerous & Divisive Politics

Recently, the UK has seen record rises in racism and hate experienced by British Jews, Muslims and people perceived to be other. Yet statements from the Government, including the Prime Minister’s urgent address from the steps of Downing Street, are only stoking further tension and division. You can watch my discussion of Islamophobia on Question Time here, or read my article in the Guardian on Sunak’s dangerous speech here.

Ending Homelessness

As homelessness continues to soar in our city amid a cost of living and housing crisis, I met YMCA Brighton, Justlife and Homeless Link to speak about how we can work together to put an end to homelessness. Whether it’s enshrining renters’ rights in UK law and ending no fault evictions, or opposing the Government’s shocking plans to criminalise homelessness, or a mass nationwide programme of investment in safe and affordable homes, we must continue to join together to demand the solutions we need to end homelessness for everyone.  

Ending Sewage Pollution

A huge shout out to the hundreds of women braving the bracing winter sea in Brighton to celebrate International Women’s Day and demand an end to sewage pollution. Last week I had the privilege of meeting people from a wide range of organisations including Surfers Against Sewage and The Rivers Trust to talk about how we can work together to make our waters safe and healthy again. You can read more about the five point plan here.

Are you missing out on Pension Credit you are entitled to?

Over a third of pensioners who are eligible for Pension Credit have yet to make a claim. As many older households struggle in this cost-of-living crisis, Age UK is on a mission to help people claim the financial support and benefits they are entitled to. You can visit their comprehensive guide to Pension Credit or use their benefits calculator here to check if you are eligible and start your claim – there is nothing to lose by applying, but a lot to gain.

Justice for Sub-Postmasters

MPs are working together to try to speed up fair financial redress to help sub-postmasters get justice. If you are a sub-postmaster in my constituency who experienced shortfalls in your Post Office due to Horizon software issues, please get in touch so that I can assist you.

Ongoing Royal Mail Issues

People across the country are struggling to get mail delivered, as Panorama recently explored in Royal Mail: Where’s my Post? This is a particularly acute issue in Brighton and Hove, where delivery targets are considerably below the national average. I remain highly concerned the ongoing delays and impacts on local residents and businesses. I have written to the CEO of Royal Mail demanding answers. In the meantime, I will continue to monitor this issue closely and encourage constituents to keep me informed about any serious problems you may be experiencing.

Fundraising Drive by Possability People

Possability People do amazing work to support people with disabilities and long-term health issues in Brighton and Hove but face severe council funding cuts. If you are able to, please do consider supporting their fundraiser here or help spread the word.

The Rest is Politics

Finally, I had the pleasure to step out of Westminster recently for a proper conversation with Alastair Campbell and Rory Stewart on The Rest is Politics Leading podcast. We talked about just how dysfunctional Westminster is, and what it’s been like to be the party’s only MP. We discussed problems with Brexit, land ownership, and our voting and whipping systems. And we talked about my new book Another England about how we stop the right from hijacking our sense of Englishness, and the importance of finding other more progressive stories about who we are. You can listen to the episode here or pre-order a signed copy of my new book here.