Hip Hip Hooray: Saved Our Hippodrome

For over a decade I’ve been campaigning to bring this historic treasure back to life. And as I wrote in Brighton and Hove News, this week was crunch time as the planning bid finally came to the City Council Planning Committee. I am delighted to say that it was unanimously approved to huge cheers from the public gallery. So many of us have campaigned for so long to get to this point that it was a really special moment to see campaigners finally able to add a ‘d’ to the shirts: Saved Our Hippodrome. I want to thank the new owners, local family firm Matsim, for all their hard work and investment in the Hippodrome to date, and wish them the very best as they now take forward their exciting plans to bring this unique building back into use as a live performance venue.  

Upcoming Elections

We have less than a month to go until the local elections on May 2nd. If you are not yet registered to vote, you only have until 16th April to apply, which should take about 5 minutes here. A reminder that you will now need photographic ID to cast your vote in person - if you don't have a valid one, you can apply for a free voter ID certificate by 24 April.

I’ve also been writing in Business Green about why the next general election may be the most important of our lives in the decisive decade for climate action and in the Metro about some of the threats the UK will face in upcoming elections this year – from direct attacks by hostile states, to disinformation, voter disenfranchisement and the Royal Mail delivery issues that have affected residents in Brighton so badly


End Arms Exports Licenses to Israel Now

It was more heartbreaking news this week as strikes by the Israeli army killed World Central Kitchen humanitarian workers trying to deliver food to starving people. Over 32,000 people in Gaza are now dead, famine is imminent and the UN Special Rapporteur has said there are reasonable grounds that the threshold for genocide has now been met. It is unconscionable that the UK is still selling arms to Israel. We must not be complicit, which is why I joined Parliamentarians of all parties to continue to demand an immediate end to arms export licenses to Israel

Challenging the Charity Commission's Failure to Act

Radical right-wing charities on Tufton Street, like the Global Warming Policy Foundation, are constantly spreading harmful climate change disinformation and denial in breach of charity rules and they seem to be ramping up their efforts even further. Yet the Charity Commission has failed to step in and stop them. That's why I've joined MPs Layla Moran and Clive Lewis, supported by Good Law Project, to challenge the regulator over its failure to act. 


Water Regulator Told To Consider Economic Growth

For 14 years, this Government has been obsessed with deregulation and economic growth, which it puts before everything else – whether it’s public health, workers’ rights or the environment. Even when our waterways are foul with sewage, rather than giving Ofwat new powers to protect our environment and hold water companies accountable, the Government is now imposing a legal duty on the regulator to consider economic growth which may make it even harder to take companies to task. We have got to dismantle this dangerous profit and growth mentality which has been so clearly detrimental to our national quality of life and start putting people and planet first.


Justice for Jay Abatan

The inspiring Micheal Abatan has spent the past 25 years fighting for justice for his brother Jay, who was murdered in Brighton in 1999. I am proud to support his calls for a new inquiry into the case & its handling. If you would like to make a contribution to the crowdfunder for justice, you can do so here.

Important News for Carers

This Saturday, new legislation comes into force giving unpaid carers balancing their responsibilities with paid employment a new statutory right to take up to five days of unpaid Carer’s Leave from work each year. To know your rights, you can find advice and guidance from Carers UK here. It is also well worth checking out their Active April campaign to help carers who so often find it extremely difficult to make time to exercise and look after their own wellbeing. There are lots of offers, activities and events across the country and online here.

Get Your Cat Microchipped

A reminder that from 10 June 2024, all pet cats in England over 20 weeks old must be microchipped, giving them the best chance of being identified and returned if they are lost or stolen. Make sure your cat is microchipped and all the details are up to date. Cats Protection have more helpful information here.

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