The referendum - Brighton leads the way on tolerance and acceptance

These are the words written on the Patcham Pylons, monumental pillars found on the A23 as you approach Brighton and Hove. 
A sign to those visiting the city for the first time that they have reached their destination. A familiar sight to those returning - a welcome sign that they have reached home. 
The pillars have been at the gateway to Brighton since 1928. Almost slap bang in the middle of the Interwar period. A time when peace was desperately desired after the Great War; a time when fears were still very much alive that Europe was an unsettled landscape – which sadly proved to be true.
As we approach the biggest decision of our generation, the referendum that will decide whether we stay members of the European Union, it seems quite timely to reflect on the message written in stone as you arrive in my constituency.
A message that embodies the spirit of the city; a place that leads the way on understanding and acceptance. Not only do we not tolerate hate and discrimination when we see it; we stand in solidarity with others around the world; others refusing to be ruled by fear and hate.
Throughout the referendum campaign I have always said that the EU is not perfect. However, the EU is the biggest peace project we have had in our history – one we should not walk away from lightly. I firmly believe that we are better off working with our European neighbours than apart. Whilst fear is a powerful weapon; there is strength in hope; and by uniting we can make a difference.
Whatever the outcome of the referendum tomorrow, and I very much hope that it will be a resounding remain; I hope that the outcome in Brighton and Hove reflects the message at the gateway to our city. That the outcome reflects the tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of its amazing residents.

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