I spent much of the summer working with the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Green New Deal, which I co-chair, engaging with people across the UK on their vision of life after Covid.

We held workshops with members of the public, heard evidence from climate and policy experts and surveyed opinion right across our country, hearing from about 55,000 people through surveys, opinion polls, interviews and workshops.  We reached out to voices and communities who are often excluded from these debates, men, women, young, old, working or unemployed.  

We found people united behind a desire for a fairer, greener Britain after Covid and the belief that the Government should take bold action to make that happen.


People told Reset they want: a jobs guarantee; better pay and conditions for key workers; a shorter working week; more flexible working; greener cities; more food grown close to home; less traffic and more public transport. Many of these changes also would help meet the UK’s climate change targets.


There is a strong public mandate for change - this Autumn, we need to see the Government act.


There's more on the Reset website www.reset-uk.org


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