It can be tough for young people in Brighton.  There aren’t enough apprenticeships because of government failings, jobs which match people’s talent and potential are hard to come by, and the high cost of housing means too many are falling into debt or sofa-surfing – even when they are in employment.

Those are some of the reasons I’ve signed the Youth Friendly MP Charter.  It pledges my support to five key principles of youth employment in Brighton


Giving young people a voice.  That means listening to them to understand their barriers to employment.


Supporting learning and development opportunities for all young people, fighting for quality education and training.


Creating opportunities by supporting good quality youth employment and recognising employers who are leading the way in offering quality early careers, work experience and employment opportunities.  That’s also why I support the local campaign started by students in Brighton & Hove to say No to unpaid trial shifts as part of a job application process and why I’ve backed a private member’s bill in Parliament to get rid of unpaid trial work

Recognising young talent by celebrating what young people do in our community either as employees, apprentices or graduates or through their social action and volunteering.

Helping ensure that young people are treated fairly in the work they do, and properly rewarded for it.

Young people help make Brighton the wonderful, vibrant, welcoming place it is.  They give so much to our community.  I want to ensure that is recognised by everyone – government, employers, educators – so they can all achieve their potential.




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