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Supporting those affected by the collapse of DMB Solutions

At one of my recent surgeries a constituent came to talk to me about the local building firm, DMB Solutions, who went into voluntary liquidation over the New Year.

The fallout from the DMB collapse has gained national media attention, both due to the number of people affected, and the scale of the financial losses they’ve suffered. It was shocking to hear first-hand just how devastating the situation has been for those left in the lurch by the company folding.

Brighton and Hove's Low Vision service

Over the last few weeks a number of constituents have written to me about the Low Vision service in Brighton and Hove. It’s currently funded by Brighton and Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), but they have made the decision to no longer commission the service.

Constituents have told me about the incredible support they have received from the Low Vision service, which has been invaluable when they’ve had to face the fear and trauma that a diagnosis of sight loss can bring.

Personal Independence Payments found to be “blatantly discriminatory” against people with mental health conditions in the high court

The Government has doggedly, and consistently, dug in its heels when accused of discriminating against people with mental health conditions in the assessment process for disability benefits.

Male suicide - the silent public health crisis

At one of my recent surgeries, a constituent came to talk to me about male suicide. With figures showing that men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women, and with suicide being the biggest killer of men under the age of 45, it paints a bleak picture.

It’s vital that more is done to support those at risk, and those managing a difficult situation alone.

Tackling litter in Brighton and Hove

Litter in Brighton and Hove is a serious issue, and I do of course understand that the Council has a responsibility to tackle the problem. However, I am increasingly concerned that by awarding the contract to a private company, profit is now the key motivator behind the Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) being issued in some circumstances.

Save Madeira Terrace

As residents in Brighton and Hove will know, Madeira Terrace is an iconic part of the city’s history. I know that many of my constituents have fond memories of the elegant Grade II-listed arches, which have been the backdrop to many events and occasions over the years.

Sadly, Madeira Terrace has fallen into disrepair. Like much of the seafront, years of under-investment has taken its toll.

Uber in Brighton and Hove

Since the news broke last month that Transport for London (TfL) had rejected Uber’s operating license due to ‘lack of corporate responsibility’, questions have been raised about the company's future in Brighton & Hove.

Our city has always been a place that embraces bold ideas and exciting new technologies, and as a result Brighton is home to the fastest growing digital festival in the UK and many of the country's most promising start-ups.

But with new technologies come new challenges.

Brighton Digital Festival

On Friday I visited ONCA Gallery as part of Brighton’s Digital Festival (BDF). 

BDF, the UK’s fastest growing festival, runs for a month and showcases over 150 events across Brighton & Hove reflecting the growth that the digital sector has enjoyed here in recent years. Brighton’s digital economy, which is worth over £1bn a year, shows that our city is leading the way in creative, digital innovation in the UK.


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