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Amaze Info Fair and the PaCC champions awards

Earlier today I dropped by the Amaze Info Fair being held at Brighthelm.

Amaze are a great local charity supporting families with children who have special educational needs and disabilities.

Events like the information fair today provide an opportunity for parent carers to share experiences, and to speak directly to local services and organisations able to offer practical support and guidance.

Celebrating social enterprises with a visit to Sew Fabulous

Tomorrow, 15th October, is Social Saturday 2016. A day to celebrate and raise awareness of social enterprises.

Unlike other business models, social enterprises reinvest their profits back into the business or the local community; typically providing services that tackle social problems or environmental challenges.

Failings of the Personal Independence Payment assessment and appeal processes

I voted against the Welfare Reform Act as it passed through the parliamentary process because I had serious concerns about the impact the changes proposed would have on people needing financial assistance: People needing support to get back on their feet at a difficult time; those needing financial support because of disability, health concerns, or injury; and wider implications – like making it much harder to access affordable housing.

New Note Orchestra

They practice at St Luke’s Church in my constituency, so I took the opportunity whilst Parliament is in recess to pay a visit.

I’ve heard such wonderful things about New Note, I wanted to see for myself what they’re currently working on, and to speak to those involved.

The orchestra was set up by Molly Mathieson in 2015. It’s made up of professional and amateur musicians, along with complete beginners, recovering from alcohol or drug addiction.

Royal Sussex County Hospital placed in special measures following CQC report

Yet sadly it comes as no real surprise, since I’m frequently contacted by local residents experiencing delays accessing treatment, or writing to me about the shocking experience they, or a loved one, has had when they’ve attended the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital.   Members of NHS staff, those at the frontline of patient care, have also confided in me about the extent of the problems at the Trust, and just how deep they run.

Impact of the rail strike on Brighton and Hove Albion FC match days

He contacted all three of the city’s MPs with concerns about the impact the ongoing rail dispute will have on fans and the club. He’s right to be worried, as the level of disruption the train chaos has caused has been immense, both on people commuting to and from the city, and those looking to visit.

The demand and need for affordable housing in Brighton and Hove

So I’m regularly in touch with housing officers at Brighton and Hove City Council to highlight some of the specific problems residents have accessing affordable, decent accommodation in the city.

In fact, I’m in contact with the Head of Housing so often that they would be forgiven for rolling their eyes when another email from me lands in their inbox.

A response I received from a housing officer today reminded me of just how the housing crisis has spiralled beyond belief since the Government’s regressive economic agenda was unrolled back in 2010.

A visit to the Local Citizens Advice in Brighton and Hove

Like others up and down the country, the Local Citizens Advice in Brighton and Hove is made up of a small team of staff and a raft of highly trained and dedicated volunteers. Without people being prepared to give up their time for free, the Citizens Advice model would not be possible.

The referendum - Brighton leads the way on tolerance and acceptance

These are the words written on the Patcham Pylons, monumental pillars found on the A23 as you approach Brighton and Hove. 
A sign to those visiting the city for the first time that they have reached their destination. A familiar sight to those returning - a welcome sign that they have reached home. 
The pillars have been at the gateway to Brighton since 1928. Almost slap bang in the middle of the Interwar period.


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