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It can be tough for young people in Brighton.  There aren’t enough apprenticeships because of government failings, jobs which match people’s talent and potential are hard to come by, and the high cost of housing means too many are falling into debt or sofa-surfing – even when they are in employment.

Those are some of the reasons I’ve signed the Youth Friendly MP Charter.  It pledges my support to five key principles of youth employment in Brighton



It’s been a very busy last few days at Westminster with the resignation of Theresa May, Boris Johnson’s succession and the subsequent appointment of one of the most right-wing governments we’ve seen in years.  I shall be kept busy fighting for the progressive causes and action on climate that I know many of you want.


Holding the prime minister to account

Review on university funding doesn't solve the problem

The headlines around the Augar review of higher education funding highlight a proposed cut in student tuition fees from £9,000 to £7,500 a year, and disguise some very regressive proposals which will make students worse off.  They will have to start repaying their loans sooner as the earnings threshold is being lowered, and they will repay them for longer – another 10 years.

Caroline Lucas said: 


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